Spider Invasion release date confirmed

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

BBQ Games is very pleased to announce the impending release of *Spider Invasion* on Windows Phone 7 and we are very are happy to report that it is going to be *FREE.

*Spider Invasion is being released on the Windows Phone Marketplace on *Wednesday 31st of August* and we are giving you the chance to play and review the game pre-release.
To try *Spider Invasion* before it’s general release click this link http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone//s?appid=ed94aa65-0661-44cb-b796-ff373e0423ca to download the review copy of *Spider Invasion*

*Game Info:*

Spiders are invading and it is your job to keep them at bay for as long as possible using your powerful array of weapons, unfortunately your ammo is running low, so use your weapons wisely between visits to the ammo store.

Good luck – you might just be the Spider Slayer the World is hoping for!

– Intense spider killing action
– A choice of powerful weapons available in the ammo store
– Hundreds of levels of killer spiders all out to kill you
– Bonuses based on your spider killing skills
– Online Leaderboards

So be the first to play *Spider Invasion, contacts us now to receive an invite to the review copy

We hope you enjoy the game!

Charity updates…

We have just made the payments to our supported charities, covering up to the period Q2 2011.

See which charities we support, here.  Why not stop by and make a donation?

Orange Selects – free app a day for July.

We can finally announce that we had the honour of having Spider Squisher chosen from the available 25,000+ WP7 apps to appear in the Orange Selects free app a day promotion.

Spider Squisher is due to appear on the Orange Selects section of the marketplace sometime around the middle of July. So if you have a WP7 phone with Orange UK and haven’t yet bought Spider Squisher, you could get it for free along with 30 other games/apps.

Note that this promotion is only available to UK Orange WP7 subscribers. See more details here.

We won at the VVGtv Golden Dude Awards

Recently, VVGtv.com held their first ever VVGtv Golden Dude Awards, in which Avatar QuizCall won in the Best Puzzle/Trivia category. A special thanks to VVGtv for holding the awards and all of those who voted for Avatar QuizCall.

See our award below and you can watch the awards show here.

The goings on at BBQ Games….

Well, it has been over a month and a half since I last posted on the site and I thought that it was about time that I updated you all on what has been happening at BBQ Games.

Unstoppable Chopper for Windows is now available for purchase from Intel’s AppUp. We have released two versions: a full version for US$0.99 which contains access to all the 20+ levels and a free version, which allows the player to play the first three levels.
We are also on the verge of releasing our new Xbox game, Sniper Gallery:

As with a lot of our recent games, a percentage of the proceeds from Sniper Gallery will be donated to charity:

What’s been going on at BBQ Games?

It’s been a while since there was an update on our site. What’s been happening then?

Well, April has been a busy month for the guys at BBQ Games. We have a number of games on the go, whose details I am unable to share at the moment. One game that I can tell you about is Unstoppable Chopper for Windows – we are finalising the global score boards and just need to add some polish and it should hopefully be ready for release in the next couple of months. Price of UC for Windows is TBA.

In addition to that, two of us have been blessed in becoming fathers for the first time and with these additions to our families, time to work on games is becoming a bit tight, so things will probably be a bit slower than they used to be.

We have released We Come In Peace (WCIP) on XBLIG and it was recently awarded “XBLIG of the Week” across at Dealspwn.

WCIP is the first game designed by our new designer Wayne and is available for download from the XBL marketplace.

We Come In Peace


Our latest charity game Barnstormer out now.

Hi everyone, we are very pleased to announce that our latest game Barntormer is out now. 14% of all profits from Barnstormer will be going to the very worthwile charity Worthing and District Animal Rescue Services.
You can keep an eye on how we are doing with our fund raising activities here http://www.bbqgames.co.uk/?page_id=381

Retrieve your coins from the farm, but be careful as the farmer has sent out his helicopters to try and stop you claiming back the coins that are rightfully yours. Make sure you storm the barns to get all the coins you can. Includes global Hi-Score table

To celebrate the launch of Barnstormer, we will be having a virtual launch party on our Facbook page http://www.facebook.com/BBQGames
be sure to attend and keep check the page all day as we will be giving loads of games away.

So jump in and have some fun and be sure to use the tell a friend feature.

Thanks and see you on the high score table