Skyburst – coming soon, or maybe not….

“The planet of Extrellis is under attack by forces unknown and as Planet Administrator it is up to you to protect the population by directing the planets defence, so man the turrets and prepare for the fight of your life!  Skyburst is only limited by your skill in directing the turrets fire.”

We have been working hard recently on a new release that is going to be available for Windows 8 via the Windows Store and Windows via Indiecity.  The game is called Skyburst and is a single player missile defence game.

The trouble is that funds have become a bit tight and this project may be in jeopardy if we do not raise enough funds.  Our target is around £800 (about US$1,300), so we have created a Kickstarter project to try and get this funded – the project is for £1,250 (about US$2,000) as we need to cover the fees and rewards cost and there are some cool rewards.  At the time of writing with 27 days to go (of 30) we are 4% funded – here’s hoping we got completely funded otherwise this project may die a rather quick death :(  Any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Enough of the sombre stuff – more about the game….  Like I said it is a single player missile defence that is touch enabled for Windows 8, but also includes mouse control so you don’t have to worry about needing to have a touch device.  With the Windows desktop version it is controlled via mouse, but should IN THEORY also work if you have a touch device on an earlier OS such as Windows 7 on a Dell Duo or something similar.  This game was inspired in part by one of the old greats “Missile Command”, but only inspired – we HAVE NOT written a missile command clone.

Here’s the link to our Kickstarter page.

Anyway, enough talking please see a screenshot and promotional image below.

Skyburst Screenshot

Skyburst Screenshot


Skyburst Promotional Image

Skyburst Promotional Image

What have we been up to?

Well, a lot has happened since the last update so I thought that it would be best to just create a list on new games & apps that we have released:

Windows Phone 7:

Windows 8:

Check them out and let us know what you think – as always, constructive criticism is most welcome.

We also have two more games in the pipeline for Windows 8 and we hope to have these release by early in the new year.

One of our Windows Phone 7 apps is also getting a complete makeover and added functionality for Windows Phone 8 and we hope that that too will be out early in the new year.

Charity Update

We eventually got round to donating to our list of charities from the proceed of the game sales. Unfortunately sales haven’t been so good :(

We have also added a new charity to those which we support and that is Special Effect. Please check out our team page on JustGiving




CoolApps version 1.2 update available now

CoolApps our user database of recommended games has now been updated to version 1.2, new features are

– The ability to share your favourite apps recommended by our users to your friends via, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live and email
– Featured apps
– Ability to sort the apps alphabetically
– New Message box so we can let you know the latest news
– Message box reminding you that you can recommend apps from the tool bar

Any developers wishing to have their apps featured in the CoolApps featured page should contact us via the app recommend option in the tool bar

So get sharing your favourite apps today

Coming in version 1.3 the ability to filter the apps by Categories, plus we have lots of other updates planned :D


Cool Apps for Windows Phone out now

Recommend an app to the Windows Phone community with Cool Apps!

Cool Apps cuts through the clutter of the Marketplace to bring you only user recommended apps, These can be from any category on the Marketplace and you will find some gems on there that you did not even know existed. Recommend and app and it might be added to the database too.

Cool Apps is going to be supported with regular updates to the app to bring the features that users are requesting most

App Description
“Cool Apps is a database of apps recommended by Windows Phone users. It can be very difficult finding the best apps on the Marketplace and you can’t always find them in the top apps lists, if you can find them at all.

So join the community of users recommending apps and show the world what Cool Apps you can find on Windows Phone, the best phone operating system in the world.”

Download Cool Apps here:
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